Our Volunteer and Internship Programs are tailored to change our communities forever, enrich the knowledge of all who undertake them and imprint beautiful solutions to challenges people face every day.

We are ready to welcome individuals, groups, students, academics, researchers, enthusiasts, travellers, tourists, teenagers and all that would like to experience Africa under the guidance of local experts that will be with you and provide required support though-out your stay.

Go on a journey of self-discovery on our volunteer programs. Be it academic research, community interaction or contributing to our locally developed solutions to daily life challenges, we are ready to host you.

Our communities are hard workers and they arise to every challenge they face, in the spirit of many, our communities are always ready to learn, collaborate and share knowledge in order to respond to pressing issues of climate change, food security, education health and other social-economic challenges.

So yes, its time to bring your skills, your expertise and your open mindedness to interact, live, learn and also share knowledge with the local communities in Africa.  Brace yourself for a life changing experience because that is what our beautiful continent does to all that visit.

Project Insights

Location: Livingstone Zambia

Airport:  Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport

Period 10 days – 90 days

Program: Research Project, Sustainability Project and Cultural Project

Research Project Fees will be determined after review of prospective type of research.

Project Fees for Sustainability and Cultural Projects

10 days  – $1,500

30 days – $2,200

90 days – $4,500


Project Highlights

  • Conduct academic Research in Zambia on various topical issues under the auspices of TCCCAD. A local research assistant will be assigned to you to provide all relevant support throughout your research.
  • Identify and assist to solve local environmental challenges, human wild-life conflicts and social -economic challenges that affect the local communities.
  • Take time to mentor kids by participating in local cultural exhibitions, sports, play and interaction to inspire young children and carry out peer education during such programs

Research Project

The research project is ideal for students, professionals and enthusiasts looking to conduct research in Africa.  Zambia offers opportunities for research in mining, culture, enviroment, agriculture, wildlife, health, education, tourism, politics and many more. 

We will provide a research assistant to work with you throughout the research period in order to help with logistical issues, compliance to ethical issues, interpretation and any others issues that arise during the research period. 

Sustainability Project

Rise to the occasion, share ideas, brainstorm with the local community and exercise your freedom to innovate in order to help solve problems that affect the local communities. These range from enviromental issues, human-wildlife conflict and social-economic challenges.

Be the champion through innovation and implementation of sustainable solutions to peoples every day challenges. Yours will be to inspire sustainable livelihoods.

Cultural Project

Leave your comfort zone and go to live with communities in the village s of Zambia, Enjoy the story telling by the fire, star gazing, cultural dances. children games and many more excursions. Meanwhile take the time to inspire young children through peer education on various topical issues. 
The project will definetely give you the opportunity to understand the local people better, create lasting relationships and  redefine your outlook to life.

Where you will stay

Lepatino Guest House in Livingstone will host Volunteers during their stay in Livingstone Zambia. Depending on the type of project undertaken, volunteers might stay with host families and or travel to various parts of the country particularly for the research projects with an assigned research assistant. Ours will be to tailor your stay in line with the project requirements undertaken.

Apply Now

Once you have submitted your application, our volunteer program coordinator will be in-touch to discuss the project with you

Project Fees Includes

Accommodation at Lepatino Guest House

Airport pick up at Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport in Livingstone or Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe.

3 meals a day except on weekends

24/7 access to volunteer coordinators

project equipment and resources 

Project Fee excludes


medical and travel insurance

visa costs

personal adventures during stay