24th December 2023

We at TCCCAD are proud to announce our notable achievements in Promoting Eco-friendly and sustainable Tourism around the Globe, As highlighted by our recent recognition at the Zambia Tourism Excellence Awards 2023. This event, hosted by Zambia Tourism Agency

We collected Awards for:

Best Eco-Tourism Initiative :Environmental Conservation   Award

Floating Trophy for  overall Excellence  Award

These awards are a testament to our management teams dedication to championing Eco-friendly and Sustainable Tourism 

• This award honours initiatives that promote sustainable tourism practices and contribute to the conservation of Zambia’s natural environment and wildlife.

TCCCAD demonstrated the following:

• Environmental Education – effectiveness of educational programs and awareness campaigns that promote environmental conservation among tourists and local communities.

• Sustainable Practices – the adoption of sustainable practices, such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and responsible water usage in the initiative’s operation.

• Innovation and Creativity – innovation and creativity through new ideas and the usage of technology.

• Partnerships with governmental agencies, conservation organizations, and local authorities for coordinated efforts in wildlife conservation.

• Conservation Impact – initiative’s direct impact on wildlife conservation, such as habitat restoration, anti-poaching efforts, and species protection programs.

TCCCAD awarded best agriculture marketing company of the year 2023

3rd September 2023

TCCCAD was awarded as the Best Agriculture Marketing company of the year 2023. The award was presented by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Zambia at the 2023 AGRICOOP awards ceremony.

The award is testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of our team to promote sustainable agriculture practices in Africa. This award is not just an acknowledgment of our achievements but a call to action for excellence in sustainability and value addition in agriculture. 

Our sincere gratitude to AGRCOOP for the recognition and Zambia’s Ministry of Agriculture for the support.

TCCCAD awarded best CSR Sustainable Green and Enviromental Stewardship Business of 2023

14th February 2023

TCCCAD was awarded as the best CSR Sustainable Green and Enviromental Stewardship business 2023. at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre. The award demonstrates our commitment to promoting sustainability in fostering economic growth and development.